About Swim-1st

Lee has been a fully qualified A.S.A Swimming Instructor since 1997 and was a competitive swimmer when he was younger. His career started in the leisure centre industry with a large amount of his time delivering swimming lessons. He has also spent a year teaching and coaching swimming in three pools in Sydney, Australia.

Swim-1st takes pride in the quality of their personally-selected swim instructors and believes that everyone should be able to swim from a young age. We are an island nation surrounded by water, so it's only right that we all become confident swimmers!

Swim-1st delivers private swimming lessons in the Sussex area, please see venues for more details. Group lessons coming soon; contact us to find out more.

Swim-1stWe have also started the Swim-1st Triathlon Club for those of you who enjoy the challenge of Swimming, Cycling and Running.Whether you want to take part for fitness, the fun of informal competing, or looking to compete with the best, then our Triathlon Club is for you. Click on the Triathlon Club logo for more information.


Swim-1stFirst Aid and Lifesaving skills are important to us all. Could you save a life? Would you want someone to save yours? Bfirst offers First Aid and Lifesaving courses to everyone including schools, offices, sports clubs and parents. Click on the Bfirst logo to find out more.


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