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After Swim-1st Lessons

After Swim-1st Lessons, what to do next?

We realise that once our swimmers have learnt to swim they may wish to follow other aquatic pathways or even try something new or different.

We have some ideas for you:


If you like Swim, Bike, Run then we operate our East Grinstead Swim-1st Junior Triathlon club at Brambletye on Tuesday evenings. We take juniors from 8yrs and can swim at least 2 lengths front crawl non stop. If you can't make Tuesday evenings we also operate clubs in Handcross on Monday and Wednesday evenings. Our Junior Tri Site can be found here.


We are looking to put on a brand new lifesaving class on Wednesday evenings 7.30pm - 8pm where children will learn water safety, rescue skills, basic life support etc inline with the RLSS Rookie Lifeguard program. Please email me if you would like to register your child's interest, they should be in stages 5+.

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